Please donate what you can

We were finally able to contact Claudius after Hurricane Gustav ripped through Jamaica. Sadly, like many others on the island, his house has been badly damaged by the powerful storm and many of his belongings destroyed. Fortunately his guitar and his pets survived the storm!

With three other hurricanes moving toward the Caribbean in the coming days, it's vital that Claudius can make repairs to the structure and bring in the provisions he needs to weather another major storm. We are asking all of his fans and friends to please pitch in with a donation through PayPal.

For now he has relocated to a shelter since the property is still flooded out. Claudius is devastated, of course, but showing his true nature, he expressed his sincere sympathy for the people of Haiti, which was hit much harder and has much less canopy cover. And showing his positive attitude, he told me, "At least I don't live somewhere that an earthquake or tsunami could reach." He asked for help from his brethen and sent along great thanks and praise for whatever we are able to do for him.

Please give what you can -- a little foreign currency goes a long way in Jamaica. And whatever you send won't just help Claudius but also others in Jamaica around him who also need help in the aftermath of the storm.

Click the button below to send a donation to our PayPal account. If donations aren't your style, we're also discounting everything in the Sun King Records shop 20% to encourage fans and friends to buy something that can help Claudius rebuild his home and buy some basic needs before the next storm hits.

Thank you for whatever you can do. We are working hard to get this show on the road and we're determined not to let a little thing like a hurricane stand in way! Sorry this donation is not tax-deductible. But we'll create something special, a message from Claudius or maybe an exclusive track, for everyone who helps out. Give thanks!


Any questions or concerns, contact us at